Where it all began…

Hello! After trading our wares over the last four months at London markets in Brick Lane, Greenwich and Notting Hill,  we’re very excited to (finally) welcome you to our new website, constructedinlondon.com

As it happens, we are writing this inaugural blog post from Perth in Australia where the concept of St Saviours was conceived. It was while we were in Australia in 2009/10 for our extravagantly long SEVEN WEEK holiday, that we found ourselves feeling rather uninspired by the run-of-the-mill hats that all looked the same – both in Australia and London. We decided to jazz up a simple straw hat bought on Rottnest Island with some beautiful vintage ribbon that Kate found in her old bedroom closet. And there it was, a stylish fun hat that no one else had. A one of a kind, unique – but wearable hat. The joy.

And here it is!

Matt modelling our first customised hat at the Leeuwin Estate in Margaret River

Then it started, we were hooked. We began redesigning all our old hats, and before we knew it* we were buying wholesale and then creating a…  well, what can only be described as a “COLLECTION” (sounds grand) – and we took on a weekend market stall. This all started in October ’10, and thanks to talking and meeting with the lovely market shoppers across London, we now have customers in Kansas City, France, Australia, Spain, Italy and, of course, London to name a few. We are also very, very excited to have our first Wholesale client that is the beautiful boutique called Lily, in Belgium.

Anyway, here we are, welcome to our site, and keep checking back for posts about hats, fashion, news, views and reviews….

"Business meeting" at The Luxe, Spitalfields

Talking heads.

Matt + Kate XX

* when we say “before we knew it” it actually took us an age to get our name, branding, logo and so on agreed and ready – but we’re so happy we spent the time and effort to get St Saviours right. Thanks especially to the terrible bank man at Barclays Canary Wharf who ‘helped’ teach us about online search engines. Grrr.