Simon says….

Ladies and Gentlemen, do not adjust your computer screen.

There is indeed an intruder in your midst…

Simon - St Saviours' guest blogger

Ok, I’m not officially an intruder. I’m a little bit unexpected, but I am known to Kate and Matt. Honestly!

I should introduce myself properly. I’m Simon – I’ve come on board the good website St Saviours as an alternative blogger. I met Kate and Matt when I was working at Topshop, officially in a Managerial role, looking after them in their fledgling days! Somehow, I befriended them and have ended up in a blogger role recently to help them out and give them the occasional break. I no longer work for Topshop before you begin worrying about double interests etc – I’m now in PR so I’m very removed from the high fashion world which they now inhabit, but hopefully I’ll have some knowledge of what I’m talking about!?

Anyway, I became interested in them through my slightly over-obsession with hats. I’ve had a thing with hats for quite some time. It started with a trilby, then another trilby, a flat cap, a cap, a pork pie hat…the list goes on and on. They now line my wardrobes here in London and back home in Bristol. They were sneaky-they’ve sold me three more hats since I’ve met them. I think I’m now their most regular customer. No wonder they made me a blogger eh!

I will happily admit that I’m horribly jealous of these lovely people at the moment. Not only are they managing a fantastic business full of beautiful hats, they also get to rock out at all the coolest events and festivals around the country. I don’t know anyone else who gets to do that – I’m clearly in the wrong trade!

I’ll leave it here for now – I’m using this entry as more of an introduction. You will see me here again before long, assuming Kate and Matt allow me near a keyboard again! Here’s hoping eh.

For now…