St Saviours welcomes Sheena to the in-store team!

THE A-TEAM: Nicola (left) and Sheena (right)

Hey Everyone ,
Let me introduce myself, my name is Sheena and about 3 weeks ago I happily joined the St Saviours team as Concessions manager. I must say when I got the call that I got the job I was really happy! So happy that I went out and bought a HOT pair of boots- black with gold studs (any excuse, but that’s why they call me Shoena).
Now I will admit before applying for the role I had not heard of  the St Saviour brand BUT when I came across the ad for the role I logged on to the website to see the products and I was in Love! I also popped into Topshop to get a feel and try on some of the hats and I was very, very impressed with the quirky, lovely hats. I knew right then I wanted to work for the brand!
So as I said earlier I started 3 weeks ago and I am really enjoying the role! I love the buzz and excitement when customers try on the hats, I am also always on hands to give lots of information and offer my styling opinion. You would be surprised how many indecisive customers I meet. It’s all good fun and pleasurable as buying a hat can be stressful especially as we have so many fab-u-lous hats to choose from. I also enjoy playing about with the hat stands so I can show off our gorgeous products at every opportunity.
So, just a little bit about me: Prior to this role I worked as a Fashion buyer, I am Shoeaholic (102 the last time I counted), Blogaholic and love chocolate (although I have given it up for lent this year- which I’m finding VERY hard, grrr! )
Anyway I think I’ve said enough for now, as this is only meant to be a short introductory post, opps! No doubt I will be on here again so look out for me. 

Just one last thing to say, if you do not already own a St Saviours hat then; hellooooo, what are you waiting for?? 🙂
Until next time, Happy hat shopping!
Sheena x