For a skint(ed), not minted, Christmas

Life has become p-r-e-t-t-y hectic at St Saviours towers. One of the effects of the uneven hat/life balance is that  I’m reading the weekend papers weeks after purchasing them (and sorry to the EuroZone crisis-mongers… I have to forgo the actual news and head straight to the “research” part. AKA the glossy, fashion trash mags).  

Anyway, I’ve been flicking through some of the November magazines and am pleased to see lots of hats suggested as Christmas presents. Even better, every single one is more expensive, and in my biased opinion – much less lovely – than the St Saviours range.

For example, this hat from St Saviours is NOT £220… like the one under it.

This St Saviours hat is under £100


Not a St Saviours hat

Although I totally love, LOVE these hats, as seen here on Gucci catwalk models, not many of us – and this is not just according to the media – can afford them. As an alternative, the St Saviours fedoras are just as gorgeous. Hand blocked in the UK using soft wool felt, then trimmed and individually lined by us – they cost a fraction of the price of the big-name versions…

Gorgeous Gucci


St Saviours hot pink fedora with Italian weave trim


St Saviours mulberry fedora with sky blue trim


St Saviours maroon fedora with violet trim

And wrapping? NO PROBLEM!!! We’ve now got hat boxes. Lovely.

The simple way to wrap a hat

Off topic, I very much liked this ‘Snapshot’ of a random man clearing up horse poo, under the watchful eye of a passing… horse. Neigh. 

'Yeah, take that, human'