Sailing from the Isle of Wight to Regent Street and popping up at Oxford Circus
It feels like a million things have happened since I last wrote.

Our new-look lounge/ warehouse

The biggest thing has to be launching the St Saviours pop-up concession in Topshop, Oxford Circus London – which is SO exciting! We are approaching the end of our second week now, and so far, the response has been great. We are bringing new hats in on an almost daily basis, so the 30,000 shoppers per day should see something new every time they come in… this busy production means we can’t get into the shop as much as we like – and as our little stall gets really messy really quickly – we decided to employ some lovely girls to keep it looking ship-shape during the week. (This is also partly because I have taken to scowling at customers who don’t put the hats back on the stall exactly as I like them, and Matt thinks this may put them off.)

Our little stand in Topshop Oxford Circus

And these are the hot chicks (or are they mannequins?) we spotted wearing our hats in store.

Strike a pose

Just before we started in Topshop, we sent a small run of very limited edition hats to Anthropologie, Regent Street. Anthropologie is an American brand, owned by Urban Outfitters (it’s like the older, more sophisticated sister). They sell such gorgeous stuff, and we were so chuffed to be invited to supply them with some St Saviours hats. We are planning to work more with Anthropologie over Christmas and summer next year on some exclusive designs, which we can’t wait to get working on.

Limited edition hat available in Anthropologie now!

So other than these two mega-events, we also traded over four-days in the Secret Emporium tent at Bestival. Err, that’s windy, cold, LOUD (and very young) Bestival on the Isle of Wight. We were in a bit of a daze when we arrived, as we’d just got off the plane after a week in New York. We went to NYC for a family wedding, which was just amazing – we had such a great time, and used the trip to pick up loads of lovely trimmings for our hats.

We are back at Sunday Upmarket on Brick Lane this weekend, and we hear Spitalfields Markets are opening on Saturdays in November, so we’re going to give this a whirl too. If you’re in town, come by and say hi. Or, of course, drop us an email if there’s anything you want made specially for you.