Measuring your head

Like the other bits of your body, everyone has a different sized head. If we were to make a sweeping generalisation, the average size of women’s heads is 57cm and men’s average head size is 58cm. Though, there is a large variance – so best measure your head so you can choose the right size hat.

If possible, use a flexible tailors measuring tape and wrap it around your head at the point where a hat sits on your head – about 1cm above your ears. Don’t let it fall down at the back of your head, and make sure it’s not too tight. If you don’t have a flexible measuring tape, you can use string, ribbon or… a shoe lace (?) then measure it with a ruler once it’s off your head.

If a hat is a little roomy, you can insert some felt or foam strips behind the sweat band and it should make it perfectly snug. We can send you strips if required – just let us know.

Hat size chart

St Saviours hats are measured in centimetres (cm).

Head Circumference (cm) Imperial sizes Size
54cm 6 5/8 Extra small
55cm 6 3/4 Small
56cm 6 7/8 Small
57cm 7 Medium
58cm 7 1/8 Medium
59cm 7 1/4 Large
60cm 7 3/8 Large
61cm 7 1/ Extra Large

For sizes outside those detailed above, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Anatomy of a hat

Anatomy of a hat