The kids are(n’t) alright

This week – the disaffected youth of UK have stepped over the line of acceptability (we thought the low hanging trousers were bad) and started going… well, mental.

Hanging tough?

It’s pretty embarrassing for the majority of England’s population who are disgusted that this is actually happening (how? why?)… good on everyone who’s helped clean up, said “thank you” to a police officer and contributed to making things right.

On the upside, I’ve found I’ve started doing more public service-type things because of the overwhelming anti-social happenings around town. For instance, this morning I noted down the number of a tube carriage which had a broken door and reported it to the station staff. Why is this?

Meanwhile, life goes on. Here’s the latest news from St Saviours:

1)      An ultra cool new shop that opened at the end of July in Tokyo is stocking our hats – amazing! JOHN is a fab little café, fashion and ‘miscellaneous goods’ shop that also doubles as a pop-up space. If you can read Japanese, check out the JOHN blog to find out more (hopefully it says something nice about St Saviours!). Or, if you’re popping over to Tokyo, be sure to drop in and meet Dan.


2)      The cool couple who run the gorgeous Lily boutique in Belgium are opening their second store, Mr + Mrs Tweed, in September. There will be a few St Saviours hats in store – which is exciting! If you’re visiting Mechelen, visit the two shops for life’s little luxuries, and everyday classics.

It's about everyday classics!

3)      To help meet growing demand for our hats, we met with the lovely Gill at a UK family-run hat manufacturer who we hope to work with on our upcoming  collections. These will be gorgeous, totally UK made, wool felt hats in amazing colours – blocked to our specification. Delicious.

4)      We are looking forward to welcoming a bona fide FAMOUS person into our “showroom” (see next point) and make him a hat for an upcoming TV  appearance. Clearly this is making us giddy with childish excitement.

Pack up!

5)      Our second bedroom has been redeployed to act as a studio / workshop / office / showroom. At the moment it’s just chaos. But at least I can close the door on it.

Disorganised Chaos

Well, that’s it for now. This afternoon we’re off to sell our wares at the Wilderness Festival, which I’ve just discovered has a spa on site. A spa at a festival? Perhaps they’re being ironic, and it’s actually a ‘mud spa’ (yes, it’s summer so rain is forecast).